Teaching standards are cumbersome and open to interpretation.  Here is a handy list of ‘must have’ classroom teaching skills for every teacher:

Every teacher should be able to:

  1. Settle the class and achieve silence quickly when necessary
  2. Manage a question-and-answer session that leads to new learning
  3. Chair open-ended class discussion that draws in more than the usual handful
  4. Manage group work so that it is purposeful and productive
  5. Explain new and even complex ideas clearly
  6. Model how to do something new e.g. write an essay
  7. Get children to learn by induction, exploration or investigation
  8. Get children to learn through drama, role play, improvisation and other activities that involve imaginative involvement
  9. Coach children in small groups e.g, guided reading
  10. Coach children as individuals i.e. short spells of personal tuition
  11. Set interesting homework that is more than just ‘finishing off’
  12. Respond to work in a way that shows the pupils how they can improve next time